About Us

Background and History

The School of English in London (TSEL) was established in 2014 as a sister School of London College of Business and Law with particular emphasis on English language courses for international students, particularly those from non-English speaking countries and others in the European Union.

TSEL offers English language classes covering various levels from Beginners through to Advanced level. Some of our classes are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of our students and improve their English language competence. Others are for specific purposes and designed to facilitate their ability to communicate effectively, whether it is for academic studies or a professional career in the UK or in another country.

At TSEL, we are committed to providing students with a diverse range of social and cultural experiences aimed at making their stay in the UK a truly memorable one. Our campus is fully equipped and is located less than 14 minutes away from central London by train. Our teachers are among the best in the United Kingdom.

Our classes are scheduled throughout the year, and by implication allow our students to start their course at any one of our 8 starting points.

The London Experience

London is the capital and largest city in England. It is one of the world’s largest financial centres. London is very densely populated and therefore has a huge underground railway network, which is the oldest in the world. It is particularly famous for sites such as Buckingham Palace, Wembley Stadium, Big Ben, the River Thames and Tower Bridge. London’s Oxford Street is the busiest shopping area in Europe, where you will find a vast range of department stores. There are also a large number of parks and gardens, giving you the option of relaxing, away from the busy streets of London. However, one of the busiest areas to relax is the West End. It is known as ‘Theatreland’ and located in Leicester Square.

London is a very culturally diverse city with over 300 different languages spoken and provides a huge network to the rest of the UK, making travelling easily accessible so you can explore even more of the UK’s cultures.

Mission Statement

“To create an educational environment, which meets the academic and intellectual needs of every student studying at The School of English in London.”